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Columnar Joints and Landscapes

Jogasaki Coast (continued)

[Getting there]

Map for Jogasaki Coast

Location: Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture (On the Google map)

Izukyu Izukogen Station. Walk for 15 minutes. To get to the outcrop of columnar joints, go down a stairway to the beach at Hashidate (there is a sign “Oyodo, Koyodo” [names written in Japanese below]).

You can observe landforms and structure of lava flow from Hashidate through Izu Kaiyo Park (about 5 km). At Izu Kaiyo Park, buses for Izukogen Station, Jyogasaki Kaigan Station, and Ito Station are available. Moreover, there is a trail to a suspension bridge  crossing a crevasse formed by collapse of the roof of lava tube at Kadowaki. A map of the Jogasaki Coast is placed in this website (right-click on the image to download it or click on "画像をPDFで開く" )

The area of the northeastern Izu Peninsula has many monogenetic volcanoes (Izu-tobu Volcano Group). Volcanic landforms including scoria cones, lava domes, maars, and lava plateaus constitute the landscape of this area. Omuroyama 581 m high commands a full view of these landforms. A chair lift is available to the summit. The Izu-tobu Volcano Group is explained in a website, Masato Koyama’s Home Page - Shizuoka University (Eruptive history of the Higashi Izu monogenetic volcano field [Izu Tobu volcano field]).

How to get to Omuroyama: Izukyu Ito Station or Izukogen Station. Take a bus for Shaboten-koen and get off the terminal stop (Shaboten-koen).

View from the top of Omuroyama
Photo 17: View from the top of Omuroyama

1: Lake Ippeki (maar); 2: Komuroyama (scoria cone); 3: Tuff ring
The forward plane is a lava plateau. A knoll (Teishi Knoll) to the north  (left side) of an island in the background was formed by the 1989 submarine eruption.

[Names written in Japanese]

Jogasaki Kaigan (coast), 城ヶ崎海岸
Hashidate, 橋立 (はしだて)
Kosaitsuna, こさいつな
Saitsuna, さいつな
Kannongane, かんのんが根
Igaigane, いがいが根
Nicho, にちょう
Oyodo, 大淀
Koyodo, 小淀
Izukogen-eki (station), 伊豆高原駅
Izu Kaiyou Koen (park); 伊豆海洋公園
Ito-shi (city); 伊東市
Omuroyama, 大室山
Shaboten-koen, シャボテン公園

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