Introduction to Landforms and Geology of Japan


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Structures Found on Wave-cut Benches in the Southern Miura Peninsula


Photo 1: Wave-cut bench and sea cliff at Arasaki [Click to enlarge]

Landforms in Photo 1 are a sea cliff and uplifted wave-cut bench at Arasaki in the southern Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan. Oddly-shaped rock derives from Tertiary deposits of accretionary prism, which were deformed with dehydration by lateral force in association with plate subduction at a trench (see Accretionary prism). The deformation created various structures in the sediments. The sedimentary rocks (Misaki Formation) are considered as those of the youngest accretionary prism that emerged from the ocean floor in the world. In the southern Miura Peninsula, exposures, especially on wave-cut benches, exhibit various sedimentary structures, and the uplifted wave-cut benches contribute to forming the distinctive landscapes in this area. This topic introduces some interesting structures and landforms on the wave-cut benches.

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